Virtual Reality is our specialty

VR Enterpise Training, VR Simulators, VR Business Applications

Virtual & Augmented Reality


Cloud and Web Applications

SaaS Applications

Real-time Dashboards

World Class Databases

AI & Machine Learning Systems

Business Intellegence Reporting

Cross Platform Apps

API Micro Services


Advanced Hardware

We are a technology research and development company.

We create innovative custom software & hardware to empower businesses and ministries of all sizes.

Our Services

Strategy & Tactics

High altitude strategizing and planning is about the steps on how to develop and deploy your architecture and predict how people will react in the short and long term. Avoiding tech debt is the goal. We focus on good organization and good standards.

Innovation Research and Development (R&D)

Long term sustainable thinking. Adventure, Exploration, Invention, Discovery. Innovation means building new bridges that haven’t existed. It is truly thinking in new ways and not taking forced input as your only option. It’s understanding the big picture and solving by connecting all the dots rather than just fixing a leak. Offload your company's R&D efforts for a fraction of the cost.

Enterprise Software Architecture

Have ideas and concepts of something that could help your company?
Let's breathe some life into it!


Can your company scale without adding additional staff?
If the answer is no then you absolutly need custom automation.
We identify and leverage bottlenecks by elminating repetitious (and monotonous) tasks you loathe so you can spend more time being creative and enjoying life.


We have a passion for UI/UX design. Your users/customers are the most important asset to your company. Our job is to help make sure the technology is beautiful, simple, fast, useful, and elegant. Gamification is about looking at something and applying this lens: "How do we make this awesome, fun, and rewarding?".

Advisory Consulting

We help test new ideas, review & analyze plans, and provide insight & perspective.
We translate communication between C-levels, Business Analysts, and Engineers.
We are Technical Interpreters.

Training & Coaching

We have saved companies countless millions by focusing on creating tangible value. We love to teach. We can train your staff or class to think different too. Creativity, Teamwork, Focus, Motivation, Taking Initiative, How to Learn: none of these subjects are taught in schools or universities. Understanding these concepts will have lasting positive impacts. We teach many technology subjects like: How to code (for all ages), The Scientific Method to Problem Solving, How to Organize and Plan, Effective Communication (For tech & non tech departments), AI & Machine Learning (In the real world), Software Automation, Start to Finish Product Development, Innovation Development (For engineers), Building a Team, World Class Software Architecture etc...

Why use us?

Common Scenerios

  • Your current staff is too busy supporting existing systems.
  • Your internal development teams don’t exist yet.
  • Your teams don't have the experience needed (yet) to take your company to the next level.
  • You want to get ahead of competitors by investing in the future of your company.

Places we've served

We are based in Tulsa Oklahoma USA (UTC -6) but we travel all over the world.

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

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